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The Tuesday Times [28 Aug 2004|07:51am]
[ mood | okay ]

This edition of the Tuesday Times is brought to you by "Mica Milkshakes". Mica Milkshakes! A little sparkle in every sip!

Okay, enough of that. :::ehhem::: So, it looks like I'm going to be working at the daycare center now. It really sucks for pay. What the hell can I do with $6 and hour!?!?!?!?!! Ouch!!! Beggars can't be choosers at this point, you know. It's really an okay tradeoff, because I'll never be working past 6 at night, never work weekends and get all the holidays off (plus a whole week at yule!) so it's okay.

I'm a pre-k teacher now. I'll be teaching 25 Amandas... er... 25 3-5 year olds. I remember Janna didn't like this age group as much. I was supposed to be watching the 1 year olds, but they spotted that I had a lot of energy and wanted to put it to good use. I don't know if I can have that much energy for $6 an hour! lol I already have one little boy named Benjamin who ran up to me in the playground and said in a blush "Hi, I'm benjamin. You're my new girlfriend so if any other boys come up to you, tell them that, okay? Bye!" and he ran off with a very red face!

At least that's better than when the same thing happened to be at the nursing home! I tell you, it's cuter coming from a 4 year old than a 94 year old!

Well, another disaster was my poor father's plight yesterday. We woke up to find his car's radio that he just had installed in the Spring was knicked. Excuse the british slang, it was stolen. It's really the only thing he's bought for himself in a long time and it's gone. We called the cops and they came by, but there's nothing they can do, you know? So, to cover the hole in his car, he drew a radio that's got 106.3 FM on the analog permanently. :o( So I upgraded it and drew a cd slot. lol Poor dad. I'm going to get him another radio installed for his birthday.

Well, I gotta run if I wanna hit the park before anyone else gets up and out this early in the morning.

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My Budgies Are Angry! [27 Aug 2004|08:32am]
[ mood | awake ]

So last night I went to my first ever baseball game. I've never even been to the minor leagues, hell, not even the little leagues! I went to Fenway and watched from kickin' seats Boston take on Detroit. Yep, we won. :op Twas wicked cool.

I went with Mr Dad and Chris. Dad always gets loud at baseball games at home... this was nothing compared to the performance at the park! lol Chris was a little disappointing, though. He was so quiet, I felt like I would be disturbing him by cheering next to him!!!! He says he really enjoyed the game and was having a good time, but I felt like I should have brought him a book or some earplugs so the fans wouldn't bug him.

I mean, it's a major league baseball game! You supposed to get into it! I'm not too big into baseball, or in any other sport for that matter, but I was cheering and whooping it up as much as the next guy. I just wish Chris could let go and have a little more fun than he did. He's the one that always wants to go and do things like this, and yet he doesn't seem to enjoy it when we do go to things.

Well, enough of my ranting for one evening. It just irks me, is all. I gotta go call a woman about a nursery position. She's never in!!! At least... that's what they say...

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Burrying Peaches [25 Aug 2004|12:25pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Don't ask about the title. Bottom line is: I gotta get around to doing it.

I've been rather busy lately. Helping Chris sort out his problems has been rather tedious, but that's what friends are for, right? I don't know that he would do the same line-waiting-sweltering-heat-driving-tedium that I opted for, but it doesn't really matter. I've been trying to get another job yet again. I didn't fancy being an underpaid elderly toilet wiper, so I'm trying the younger set. Yep, I think I might have landed a job in daycare. At least these people's diapers don't weigh more than me! ehhem... nuff said.

I guess I've been playing Animal Crossing a lot. I've got three characters and two towns. Melly, Aden and Zoey in the towns of Tapioca and Bugaboo. Like you really wanted to know anyway!

I've beaten the Peasent's Quest game on Homestarrunner.com a few million times over. I love Troggy... he's da bomb. Strongbad's e-mails have been kinda weak, but I love them anyway. Gotta love teen girl squad. They are "Soooo Good!"

I miss Janarama. I got an e-mail from her. No letters yet. :o( I guess she's just too busy with Bobby. Oh well.

Kayla's Drum and Bugle Corps, the Spartans, won the DCI internationals for their division, so now she's got a gold medal and a load of ego. lol She came back wicked tan... except her feet which are white as white can be! Ian's Kung Fu is doing alright. They're paying way too much to send him there. That place is expensive because they train and certify teachers of the art there. He's just a kid who needed a hobby, not really a career!

Anyway, I'm rambling and I have other non-important things to accomplish. Hasta Luego

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Dangeresque 2: It's not Dangeresque 1 [22 Jul 2004|07:44am]
[ mood | indifferent ]

Wow.... I'm surprised my account is still alive, doing well without me and is employed as a mild manager in a clothing company. Damn! It's doing better than I!

So, it's been ages since I've typed here. Lord and Lady knows tons have happened since the last time. I've set a goal to go to yoga teacher training... which means raising at least $2000 for tuition. That's not TOO bad... except, I'm still without a job. I've tried elder care since my last posting... but my job was really just being a glorified butt-wiper for $8 an hour. EWWWW!!!! If I ever see a naked elderly person again, it'll be the death of my poor little constitution.

My 14 year old sister, Kayla, is on her way to Denver, Colorado, with the Spartans Drum and Bugle Corps. In one summer, she's already been in more places in the USA than I have in all my 22 years! Good for her! Go Kibbles! Spartans are really working hard and are getting good first place results in their competitions. A few movie theaters will be showing the final competition from Denver on their screens around here. Mr Dad and I are going to try to make it to the showing.

Ian's in Kung Fu... but the place he's signed up with is a real scam. $110 a month for basic classes (not including gear of course!). Then, they got his hopes and excitement up by recommending him for "Blackbelt Leadership Training". What they didn't say was that it's $200-$250 a month!!!! How can someone take advantage of a 12 year old like that???? Confidence Tricksters can, I suppose. My mother and Stepdad haven't told him yet that they can't afford it. With Kayla in Spartans, Ian wanted to feel like he had something important to belong to too. This really made him feel like he was up to "Kayla's Level", so to speak. Now, he's been built up into something the family can't afford.

Janna was here for a little over two weeks. Her sister Sammy was here for about a week too. We had fun, even though I was going crazy about the housecleaning toward the end.... Man! it needed it!!! Janna, Chris and I went camping one night on 4th of July Weekend. Chris kinda got to Janna in the middle of the night with a "scary" tale of indians who had died in battle on the spot of our campsite (go figure) and reach up from their unmarked graves at night. I made fun of it, however, by asking him if he meant Native Americans or real Indians... and what were Indians doing fighting in NH??? So, he named one of the "ghostly" warriors who were buried under our tent "Mishbu". Now, whenever we talk of ghosts, scary things or frights... it's always "Meeeeessssshhhh booooooo!"

What else did we do? Watched a lot of Homestar Runner, went to Ruggles mine, went to Crystal hill in Manchester (which is not publicly known, even though tons of crystals lie openly on the trail), went to Chuck E Cheese, Space Center, and played loads of Dance Dance Revolution. Ay Ay Ay, I'm your little butterfly.... ehhem.... anyway. I ended up downloading loads of DDR music onto my comp because I couldn't get most of them outta my head. Like Dam Dariram and... yes... Captain Jack.  :::sigh:::

Well, I'm trying to tame a very stubborn budgie named Colonel Tuppence P. Merriwether. (Tuppy for short!) So I best be on my way... after that, I have a turtle that is long overdue for a jaunt in the grasses outside.

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After the Break [04 May 2004|07:48pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Now honestly, how many people were reading my journal enough to miss me during my journal vacation? So I lost track of time. What's new? The Chris and I started a geocaching hobby/fetish/obsession last week between us, even though we are short a GPS (global positioning system).

While bring out my lil bro to find his first geocache on the day after Beltaine, I found a painted turtle that I couldn't resist befriending... er.... be- petting? That sounds just wrong. Ehhem. Yeah, so, aside the nine birds, I now have a year old female painted turtle I named Santosha. "Santosha" is a yoga term that is one of the Yamas or Niyamas (I don't remember which right now) that basically means contentment and harmonious happiness. It's one of the principles to adhere by in yogic philosophy.

So it's been three days since I took Santosha in. I put her in a huge rubbermaid bin with spring water and a really cool build up of stones and fake plants on one side by a heat lamp with a swimming "pond" all around it. I think it's been eating its dandelion greens and water turtle pellets I bought for her, but I was really duped with the goldfish I bought for a treat last night. I put it in her terrarium and it swam around all happy and slept near her at night when I went to sleep.

This morning, the fish was gone and I saw an orange fin at the bottom of the water along with other turtle defications. I was so thrilled. "I finally have proof she's eating!"  :::clears throat::: damn terrapin! Guess what I saw when I turned on the heat lamp this cool May afternoon? An orange bullet who swam from the open water and into a series of water filled tunnels under my rock structure. Grrrrr

Anyway, The Chris is making a cake! When men turn to baking to pass the time, you know they need a little more to their day. I stopped by his house early this morning to bring him a coffee... it's not often I have money to buy anything for him, so I figured I better take advantage of my meager $3 ebay profit. lol

Well, I have to go. I have a fake chicken parm ready to eat now. Good ole soy... you can do anything with it!

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The Chris is not here [24 Apr 2004|08:25am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I got mad at The Chris - uh!

For Missing me this morning


I hope I don't see him online ignoooorrrrring 

What time it iiiiissssss

Cuz that would mean he's home

The Chris is not here

I'm so sad the Chris is not here

The Chris is not here


I'm so sad The Chris is not here

The Chris is not here

I'm so sad The Chris is - Just the Claps!

Just the Claps!

Hey Cosmo, I didn't know you have rythym

Cosmo "Weee mememememememeeeee"

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Of Cows, Aliens and Udders ~ A moment of "Zen" [23 Apr 2004|09:11pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Ok, If The Chris didn't get that title, no one will. :)

I spent all day with The Chris today. Twas cool because I was a whopping $7 rich today! That means I bought him and me a couple of chincy but yummy pizzas and some raspberry turnovers by pepperedge farms. He didn't really eat his turnover and I actually think he was only eating it to be polite. (yeah, I do think he tries sometimes)

Hmm Oh yeah... when I went to drop The Chris off at his house, his sister and neice dropped by. I scared his neice (being a stranger stranger to her) into bouts of shyness and quiet hides. And Tracy, his sister who I haven't seen since her wedding last year, mutters something as she passes by me about making remarks about her 80's hair.... which I have to admit, she no longer has. See if I tell The Chris anything that will get me into trouble again! His father already scares me and gives me the impression that I'm out of place... but he had to get his sister against me too!  AAAAAaaaaaagh!!!

At least I will always have my Cosmo.

Dharkdragon is at band camp all this weekend and it's her 14th birthday this sunday. Even though she won't see this :

Happy Pre-Pre Birthday Kayla!!!!

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ACHOOOO!!! [22 Apr 2004|01:52pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Today's malady is : Sneezes and Sniffles

Today's Remedy: Tons'O'Tissues (brand name, of course!)

Today's Big Activity: Explored new trail at Beaver Brook (J Smith Trail and old closed up trails off it)

Today's Weather: Damn Fickle

Today's Cool Find: Loads of baby turkey feathers from a devoured turkey in Beaver Brook. (Thank you Turkey!)

Today's Activity: Writing in my Spell book and Working on my flowerbaby doll

Today's Nuisance: Blowing my nose (the huge red thing on my face)

Today's Wish: My cold was gone

Today's Words of Wisdom: It's Tick Season! I had a Tick on me today! ACKKKK

Today's New Endeavor: I tried making ice coffee... haven't tested it yet

Today's Ignored Situation: Cosmo's been out with the budgies all day while I'm out

Today's Word: HELIOTROPE

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another entry [21 Apr 2004|08:02am]
[ mood | contemplative ]


I'm not really into a journal mode today, but I figured I haven't written in a while so I owe something to the page, right? Right! So, Strong Bad has a new e-mail! Let's hope he makes a habit of it! I went to the Homestar museum and checked out a few old games they used to have. I'm just trying to waste some time until the DMV opens and I can make good on a bad check... ehhem. I mean, I'm just chillin'.

Ok, so I'm totally disgusted. I just found a dead "tai chi" bug on my bedroom floor with all its legs ripped out and on the ground about a few inches away. I'm wondering how that happened. :::ewww::: My budgies don't get to the floor in my room, so it's not them. You know, I should figure out what the real name for a "tai chi" bug really is. They are not stink bugs. They're a type of beetle I think. They are one of the few bugs I don't really mind because they are so cool to watch.

Anyway, I havent had coffee yet and I'm feeling it. I wonder if the DMV is open yet? I wonder if I'm going to walk there or if I have enough gas... hmm... Tis a quandry.

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Yesterday [16 Apr 2004|09:02am]
[ mood | creative ]

I'm more in the writing mood lately in the mornings. So, maybe it's best that I write all my entries from the day before? Anyway, that's the deal with today. This post is about yesterday. Ta Dah! Yesterday was pretty uneventful at first. I spent a good deal of time with Pookha (Amanda, my lil'est sis of age 4) at my mother's house. I mean, we went to walmart for mom to pick up a few things for her dolls, but not much was out of the ordinary.

We picked up som Chen Yang Li veggie fried rice for lunch but I was so upset. The horrible rice I had for Easter was the same as the rice I had yesterday. No sprouts, no mushrooms, no nothing. Just carrots. Yuck! I hate carrots! lol Did you hear about McDonald's new "adult happy meals" they are going to start promoting? It will contain a salad, a bottle of water and a pedometer. I want a pedometer! Ehhem. Anyway.

Ok, so my afternoon was much much much better. I went hiking down a trail I seldom take at Beaver Brook. The Chris and I actually stopped here a couple of days ago to hang around the overwatered stream. Well, I took the long trail as the evening sun was setting in. It was wicked cool. I found a full chipmonk skeleton. I didn't keep any bones, like I typically would for my magickal purposes. I burried all the bones, capped it with a chunk of smoky quartz and a pine cone, and said a little blessing. Ok, so that done, I keep walking. I came to a marshy, grassy place where I came to a garter snake on the trail of about 2 feet. I named him Seriseth and talked to him a bit. Why the name? I asked him if he had a name, heard that in my head and went with it. Who cares if it's true or not???

After letting Seriseth on his way, I walked to a bridge and lifted a stone. Dude! A huge redbacked salamander! I didn't think they would be around this early in the year. K. Kept walking. I decided to leave the trail at one point to explore a "faerie trail" which is what I call trials of deer or other animals which aren't supposed to be trails but they clear the forest in their path so leave a trail anyway. To my exclamated surprise, I found myself in the midst of a family of snakes! Garter snakes, ribbon snakes and even a milk snake all in a 3 foot radius around me! Now I want a ribbon or garter snake. They only need a ten gallon tank and they can be tamed and trained. They eat tiny fish and earthworms, not mice or budgies! Their mouths are too small to eat budgies should one get loose. Ehhem. I hear The Chris and Mr Dad groaning now. Kayla, on the other hand, is cheering me on. lol Maybe I can keep it in my room and Mr Dad won't even know?? oooh... bad idea, I see myself getting caught.

The only problem with even trying to catch these snakes is that they musk. They excrete a horrible smelling musk when they feel threatened or nervous. I never actually tried to pick one up, but this is what I have read. I would really like a python, but if that got loose by some accident, it could eat one of my precious budgies. NO WAY!

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Vampgor!!!! [14 Apr 2004|07:22am]
[ mood | thirsty ]

Vampgor was a gorilla. Um... He was a vampire Gorilla. Actually he was just a vampire... um... but his name was still VAMPGOR!!!! Ok, don't ask. The Chris thought gorilla's ate meat, then came up with vampire gorillas then I likened them to trogdor... and well, thus the horrible spinoff.

Ok, so it's my fault AstralPlaydoh isn't writing in his journal. Ok? I confess! Send the lynch mob my way! Yeesh. The guy takes everything WAY TOO FAR. And I mean EVERYTHING!!! I only didn't want him on the computer all the time he's over my house. So what does he do? He drops live journal completely! It's not like he dropped the comp completely. Just something he cant have record of actually being on the computer with.


Anyway, day two of the rainy week. I'm working on compiling my old spells into a nice ledger book. Prolly end up doing loads of laundry and hanging at my mother's house to keep tabs on Amanda. I told Chris I might drop in his house early this morning just to put the fear of Goddess in him. When all is said and done, I think he needs the sleep, which is the real reason I'm prolly not going to go through with it.

Hey! What's the difference between the words "Thru" and "Through"??

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Janna's Last Day :o( [12 Apr 2004|07:32am]
[ mood | energetic ]

Woah... Actually... The Subject line sounds grim and premonitory of some disaster to follow. It should be something like "Janna's last day at my house before returning to that prison-like establishment we call the job corps which is located on the border of canada"... but that won't fit!

Yesterday was easter. OMG! My father's gift for me was hilarious! He spent a day and a night trying to create a temple of chocolate bars and a whitman's sampler box and rolos. lol Chris ended up helping him because he just couldn't cope! The presentation was the best. The lights were dimmed, the temple (which I was unaware of) was hidden from my sight and Mr Dad made this dramatic speach that went something like "Before the Greek Gods, Before Thor, Before Pan, Before the dieties of today, there was an ancient people. These people worshiped a heathen god in a heathen temple. I present to you, the Temple of the Peep!" And then he blasted the beginning to Carmina Burana, the lights turned up and I was showed the temple.

ROFLMAO It was hilarious! There was a temple resembling the grecian temple at Athens. The base was the whitman sampler. Pillars of rolos, roof of hershey's cookies and creme bars, a statue of the heathen god was a large pink marshmallow bunny peep that was situated on a pedistal of reeses cups, a walkway of candy buttons and a procession of purple peeps lined infront of the statue by twos for sweet worship.

The Chris's basket for me was really sweet.... literally! I got spongebob stickers, fairly oddparent stickers, tons of chocolate, pez, and money for a new journal (a real book one). It was in a cool tin planter/basket that he accentuated by painting the embossed flowers gold.

I gave him a basket that included tons of candy, a fake lime (inside joke), a sippy cup (inside joke), nija turtle cards and a hard paper egg in the shape of a ram (inside joke?). Janna got a homie poster from the Chris which thrilled her beyond all other gifts. lol

But today is the last day she is here. She needs to be in Portland by 2. Mr Dad is driving her there and they need to leave about 11:30. :::looks to clock::: and The Chris is late for coming over this morning. hmph. Now he's here and not getting any of my jokes!!!!! I'm sorry, but I thought they were funny!

What do you call a cheese that's not yours? Nacho Cheese. What goes Vrooom Screech Vroom Screech Vroom Screech? A Blond at a blinking red light. He didn't laugh. :o(

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Catching up ~ Long entry! [11 Apr 2004|07:37am]
[ mood | okay ]

Today's Easter. I'm pagan, however, so I don't go in for that "he is risen" stuff. First of all, it's bad grammar. But anyway! I've been off the journal for a few days now, mostly because of my company. Between Janna and The Chris, I haven't had much time to do my typical nonsense like: cleaning, writing in my journal, showering... okay... I went too far there. I have been showering and I intend to keep it up, thank you.

Let me start from the beginning. The first day Janna was here, we were all tired. She was tired from an insane bus ride of about 10 hours (which by car is about 4). I was tired from anticipation and spending the day with The Chris typically wears me out plus I was making a lasagna. Mr Dad was worn out from just being him... which is quite exhausting I should think! The second day Janna was here was tragic. She learned a valuable lesson. Never eat popcicles for breakfast, take robitussin followed by an orange and wash it down with a couple of peptos. Oh POOR JANNA! What a horrible first full day! She was sick in the bathroom all morning!

It wasn't until The Chris was driving us downtown (she was still sick but wanted her money from an old bank account down here so bad that she insisted on going out) that she expelled the last of the "poison". If he didn't keep tapping the accelerator every few yards, she may have kept whole. However, that's how he always drives and that's a good thing in this case because she felt completely better after that. I however, suffered 2 anxiety attacks, felt queasy all day and suffered one more anxiety attack when I got a notice that I have a certified letter waiting at the post office and Janna exclaims "That's what happened to me when I got sued!" Now, no matter how innocent that letter is... I think I'm being sued! Thanks Jan.

Yesterday, Kayla and Ian got their easter baskets since we see them only once a week. I gave The Chris a necklace that I made (with Janna's help) of black and copper beads with a stag pendant of black stone. I gave Janna a poem that I had written in e-mail to a couple of friends ages ago. She had requested at that time that I write it up nice and pretty and mail it to her at school, but her school mail is unreliable. So, I printed it out with a pretty font on velum paper, backed it with memory paper and gave that to her.

Poor Janna must be having a pretty "eh" time, I think, however. Yesterday, she didn't know what to do or say because I was in a really bad mood. Unaware of his faults, The Chris pushed the limit with me yesterday. You see, he was always on the computer or on his little mp3/vid/digi cam thingy (to be refered to as the "device" from here out). For the past week or so, that's been the main part of his visits. Normally, I don't mind. It's something he's really gifted at and I'm rather impressed by what he can do. But, we were all going out to play tennis with the kids and Mr Dad when The Chris decided to put bring the device with him. Now, you have to understand, his affinity with technology has been plaguing my mind for the past week or two because of something my therapist said "He lives on his computers. You'll always come second." I know that's not the case, but it still troubled me because she's been right about EVERYTHING she's ever told me.

After spending all morning working on Janna's live journal pics, him putting the device in his pocket to go play tennis so he could take tons of movies and pics was just too much for me to handle. I told him not to bring it, called him a computer geek who couldn't live without his computers. More cold and snide then I ever heard him he just kept shooting off "What-Ever!". So I refused to talk, didn't go out and have fun with my sibs, Janna and Mr Dad. I buried my head into my pillow and didn't want to do anything. He eventually apologized for replying so coldly, but sorry really has no affect on me because I hear it too much and I'm frustrated that everything's supposed to be back to perfect after that word is uttered. It doesn't work that way!

So all day I was depressed for the most part, or just filled with mild spite. I made a lot of cheap but cutting jabs at him which I really really regret. He didn't understand why I felt the way I did about his technology passion. He didn't even think he was on the comp or device that much at all and didn't believe me until Janna even told him he was. I wish he'd just believe me when I tell him something. Why does someone else have to say something for him to believe me?

Well, I apologized last night to him for being a b*tch all day, but my apologies suck because I'm really uncomfortable talking about my emotions, especially ones that show weakness in my eyes. I was really mad in general, not just him, because I feared that what my therapist said was really true and that what she also said was true, that once he finds a job, I'll be pushed aside when I need him most (which is why we broke up the last time), and that he's only with me because I'm a hobby he can participate in while he has no job or responsibilities. I always fear thats true, no matter what he says. My fears are reasonable, my therapist has never been wrong yet!

But away from my concerns! Today is easter and I have baskets to dispense!!! I went hot-air balloon chasing this morning and got some awesome pics of balloons in the sky and one landed. Janna and I are both vegetarians and we are going to have veggie fried rice and steamed veggies with tofu at a kick-butt chinese restaurant called Chen-Yeng Li. It's very classy, very pricey but oh so yummy! I am so sick of candy! lol Isn't that horrible!?! I have been making baskets for children and giving away baskets for the past 4 days and have had snips of candy everytime. And I know I'll have some today! I better keep an eye on my weight! :op

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Eating Pudding with A Spoooooon! [08 Apr 2004|07:12am]
[ mood | awake ]

I'm actually just bored this morning which is why I'm typing here at 7 AM. I'm at Chris's house alone, waiting for him to come back from dropping off his angry father. Why is he angry, you wonder? Because The Chris slept over my house last night, got home 20 minutes late this morning without calling the formidable parental unit and caused the fray. Yep. :::nods::: I'm such a tattle!

So I had fun last night. The Chris was exhausted and fell asleep on my floor like a puppy. lol I made Easter baskets for his neice and nephew, Serena and Anthony, and a Easter bag for Tracy, his sister. I also am very proud of the "baskets" I made for Kayla and Ian (KAYLA! DON"T YOU LET IAN KNOW!), who are my lil sister and brother. That's right, Kayla, your lil... and don't you forget that!

Isn't odd to call yourself Wiccan and a Witch, yet celebrate the Christianized holidays? I should be true to Ostara. Quite honestly, it's really the hallmark holiday I celebrate in terms of Easter, etc. The presents and candy make the holiday! Ok... that sounded a little "Martha Stewart". I retract that statement.

Janna comes over today. I'm really excited. From my lack of sleep, I've already managed to have one anxiety attack, so my father will be picking her up from Portsmouth today. Janna's been my best friend for :::does some quick math::: roughly 10 years now!!!!!! Woah! Janna and I go way back! lol I feel old! I met her in band class in 7th grade. We were both 3rd chair clarinetists. Some boy was joking between us and she looked to me and apologized for him.. "That's just Ken. I've known him since elementary school. Ignore him." And we've been best friends ever since! lol

Oooh! Last night, the Chris, Kayla, Ian, Amanda and myself made a cute little movie. I can't wait to get it on the net. The Chris always talks like a lounge singer would when he's acting, singing or trying to be seductive... it's kinda creepy. Quite honestly, it's really the Stitch voice that get's me everytime. I'm trying to be strong against it... but.... it's really.... c....ute.... :::whimpers::: I guess that'll just be my weakness.
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Bo) [06 Apr 2004|06:19pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

I never had glasses before and now I do. They have no frames and are really light and cool. They have no hinges, just bend. Here's what everyone thinks about them. Of course, I saved the "best" for last.

Tally of Peoples' Reactions to My Glasses

KAYLA:AWESOME! They look great on you!
POOKHA: I Want Pookha Glasses TOO!
MR DAD: GREAT! Glad you like em.
THE CHRIS: Pretty... they'll be OK.
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TROGDOOOOOOOOOOOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [06 Apr 2004|01:37pm]
[ mood | surprised ]

I'm not really going to type much into my journal at the present... I just thought I would record this momentous occasion: My TROGDOR THE BURNINATOR T-Shirt came in! Woohoo! Guess who's burninating the countryside with fashion today?!?!?!

Ok... maybe I'm not going that far.

::::adds majesty to the shirt with a dying sharpie::::

It was on sale for 8$ because they forgot to put in the majesty (the little lines around trogdor). Strong Bad would have never forgotten that!

Anyway, Amanda is wicked happy because the shirt came with a Homestar Runner coaster with a picture of Strong Bad on one side and a picture of Homestar on the other. (She's 4 and she's a Homestar lover. She does the speach impediment perfectly!) She's got a homestar window decal on her bedroom window now and everytime she enters her room she says "Homestarrunner.net: it's dot commmmm."

So, I guess I'm going to help my mother make creepy baby dolls. They're so real looking to human babies that my maternal instincts will not let her put bad lipstick on them as lipcolor! lol Just Kidding, she's actually doing a pretty impressive job on this endeavor.

Oh yeah! The Chris made me and Mr Dad (Rapmaster BlingBling) dinner last night. Gotta love handmade ravioli (even if it wasn't his hands... lol)
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Moon Monday ~ Of Course [05 Apr 2004|11:30am]
[ mood | relaxed ]

Happy Full Moon, Yo!

And tonight the moon is "Void of Course". You know, I'm not actually sure what that means... is that bad for a 2nd degree witch or what? All I know is that you are supposed to "play it low" and not make any decisions or magickal operations when the moon is "void of course". Any info off the top of your head, playdoh boy? I'll prolly just look it up myself later.

I had a really nice walk down in Hollis at Beaver Brook today. I took a cliffside trail, the boardwalk, around the swamp and back again. It was really refreshing and inspiring. Not inspiring like BAM! but just mellow inspiration... you know how that is? I got a lot of flat little stones for talismans and a lot of wand wood. And, I found a good sprig of sapling to finish a project that came to me in a dream involving bluejays.

Anyway, I'm at my mother's now (on my lil brother's comp) and will be heading back home soon. I stopped hiking after 2 or 3 hours when it started to snow out there and Nashua was just closer. If the Chris had a phone or was online, I would call him and stop by... but he doesn't and isn't.Shame, cuz I want to do a witchy experiment on him involving different stones. Ehhem.

Well, my tummy's grumbling and I'll have to go home to eat. I'll try to write later.

Ms. Caper
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Morning Morning [04 Apr 2004|10:34am]
[ mood | chipper ]

So tis the morning. I got up late, but I got a really good coffee and am talking to The Chris on IM so it's not a bad morning at all. Unfortunately, he wants to go to the mall and take pictures of the lines in the parkinglot and I just want to clean my house. After my anxiety attacks yesterday from not taking my meds, I want to stick around the house anyway.

Ok, so now he wants to come over and make stuff out of transparent tape and marbles. Yeah, he hasn't had his sugar with a hint of coffee yet.

The problem is, when I see The Chris too much, we tend to fight about stupid stuff (that he typically starts) :::whistles:::

Well thats my morning entry... whether I have an evening one or not is a mystery to me.

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No Loafing! [03 Apr 2004|07:08pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I've been sooooo tired today. I slept for most of the day. I didn't take my meds for two days in a row, thus my lethargy. Actually, after I slept for about 4 hours or so, I felt much better. So what's new today? Not much. I mean, I slept through my whole day!

Tonight's a brand new spongebob! Tres Cool. Just before the Kids Choice Awards on Nick. Yeah, so what if I'm 23 and still watch Nicktoons?!?!?!?! You wanna make something of it?

Ok, this is awkward cuz you're probably wondering who I'm directing my conversation to.

Anyway, I'm going to go watch Strong Bad e-mails and write in my other non-line journal. Yeah, so I don't put everything here. I mean, I wouldn't appreciate it if someone wrote personal stuff about me on a public sight. ehhem. I mean, if I started ranting about The Chris's inability to understand what I tell him, I don't think he'd appreciate it being on search engines. lol

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The System is Down [01 Apr 2004|07:03pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

Despite Homestar Runner's apparant construction downer, I managed to still carry on with life today. Ehhem... I'm not really that pathetic, am I? NM... I don't wanna know. Anyway, today being the rainiest of two rainy days, everything is wet, flooded and raw outside. The Budgies are cranky and nippy and Cosmo is taking baths and trying to build nests of paper scraps. He worries me.

Um, today, Chris's name was changed to "The Chris" because (despite his uncoordinated techno alarm sound) he resemble's The Cheat's demeanor. Now, he helped me to get my car registered and inspected today... does that make me Strong Bad? :::puts on soothing SB voice::: Ooooh, the current time is 7 Oh 8 P Emmm.

So yeah, I had a good day. I hung out with The Chris, ate chinese food, won at crazy eights, watched strong bad cartoons, sang to my cds in the car (without The Chris around), got 3 iced coffees (oooh... I need to cut back!), and hung out with The Chris a lil more.

When I got home, I knew I needed to clean (it's like the walls have little scaly-armed, gelatinous, multi-celia, microscopic organisms all over them) Ok, maybe it's not really that bad and it's just a matter of a little vacuuming and some counter cleaning, but I need to play it up to get someone to believe me. What did I end up doing though? Not cleaning. Oh well. Mebbie tomorrow.

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